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Latrobe was named after Benjamin H. Latrobe in 1851, who was a friend of Oliver Barnes. Mr. Barnes took the honor of naming this town since he was the first person to own a plan of lots in the "town". 

Benjamin H. Latrobe died in 1878 and never set foot in Latrobe, Pa.


Latrobe is located approximately 45 miles East, South East of Pittsburgh, 8 miles East of Greensburg, and 30 miles West of Johnstown.

Fred Rogers "Voice of Firestone".. In 1952 he married Joanne Byrd. In 1953 he moved back to Pittsburgh at the request of WQED, the first public broadcasting station to plan a show called "The Children's Corner" which he also starred in. WQED was not on the air just yet. In 1963 he became an ordained Presbyterian Minister. In 1966 he began work with a show called "Mister Rogers", which became "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" in 1971. In 1999 he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. On July 9, 2002, President Bush awarded Mr. Rogers with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. ** Sad to announce the passing of Mr. Rogers on 27 Feb. 03 **


 Arnold Palmer was born 10 September 1929 in Latrobe. He first learned how to golf from his father, Milfred J. (Deacon) Palmer when he was 4 years old. Arnie lives in Latrobe during the warm months, however has a home in Orlando, FL. during the cold Pennsylvania months. In 1954, Arnie married Winifred (Winnie) Walzer.

Arnold has received virtually every national award in golf after his great 1960 season, receiving both the Hickok Athlete of the Year and the Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year trophies. He is a charter member of the American Golf Hall of Fame at Foxburg, Pa. and the PGA Hall of Fame in Florida. He also served as Honorary National Chairman of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation for 20 years.

Arnold started the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Childred and Women in Orlando and is active with the Latrobe Area Hospital, Latrobe.

He is a member of the Westmoreland County Airport Authority which is responsible for the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, which is named after him.

Arnold Palmer is owner of the Latrobe Country Club (since 1971) and the Bay Hill Club and Lodge of Orlando, FL.


     Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pa. was founded in 1846 and was the first Benedictine College.  Locally though, the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Organization selected Saint Vincent College as their training camp in 1966 and have been using that site every year since.  This year (2003) will make 37 years straight at site for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The first professional football game was played in Latrobe against Jeanette, Pa.  The final score was Latrobe 12 - Jeanette 0.

 The first PAID football player was William "Pudge" Heffelfinger of Latrobe.  He was paid five hundred dollars ($500.00) to play for the Allegheny Athletic Association (AAA) in a game against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club (PAC) on Nov. 12, 1892.  The game ended in a tie, 6-6.  Heffelfinger was a three time Yale All-American Guard in 1889, 1890, and 1891.


 The Banana Split was first invented by Dr. David Strickler, a pharmacist and owner of Stricker's Drug Store in Latrobe put this little dairy delite together and is still popular all over the world.  More information on the Banana Split and other local firsts are available at this local web site for Westmoreland County.


Latrobe Airport, later changed to the Westmoreland County Airport, and now named the ARNOLD PALMER REGIONAL AIRPORT has regular air shows, bringing in the very best pilots from the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds, Snowbirds, and others. The Latrobe Airport was also the location of the first non-stop airmail drop delivery. It happened on May 12, 1939 and the first letter was addressed to Mrs. Erin Dougherty of Latrobe, Pa.


This, I hope, will be the most informative information you will find on the web about Rolling Rock beer.  My background on this subject is mostly first hand from knowing two of the former owners, Joseph and James Tito.  The unknown question of the origin of "33" will also be answered for you.
   The Latrobe Brewery was started in 1893.  It is believed that 33 Monks that came from Germany to the United States began this brewery, however the truth is that the Latrobe Brewery was a satellite brewery of the Pittsburgh Brewing Co., known for their Iron City Beer.  They operated the business under the name Latrobe Brewery until 1920 when prohibition began, forcing them to close.  In 1932, the Tito Brothers (Frank, Joseph, Robert, Ralph, and Anthony) purchased the business anticipating the end of the prohibition.  In 1933 (Dec 5, 1933) prohibition was lifted.
    The first two brews that the Tito's distributed were "Latrobe Pilsner" and "Latrobe Old German". In 1939 they found their signature brew and named it "ROLLING ROCK".  There are two stories on how they picked the name Rolling Rock, and both are true.  One story has it that because Latrobe is surrounded by valleys and rolling hills where fresh spring water tumbles over rocks into crystal clear pools is correct.  The other story is that there was a horse farm close by called the "Rolling Rock Acres", this is also true.  In fact, Rolling Rock Acres is now called the "Rolling Rock Club" and up to a few years ago, still had show horse events.  The Tito's also owned the Rolling Rock Club and they each owned horses.
    Rolling Rock came in 7 oz. bottles, known as "Pony's" or "Pork Chops" to the locals.  Later when they release the 12 oz. bottles, they became known as "Horses".  In 1987, the Tito Brothers (Joseph and John) sold the business to LaBatt USA where they continue to brew Rolling Rock, "Same as it ever was".
    That is the basic run down of Rolling Rock, however I left something out.  The true meaning of "33".  Recently I called Rolling Rock (Latrobe Brewing Co.) and caused a bit of an uproar.  They have a contest going on trying to find out the "true meaning" of "33".  When I told them what I know, they ask me not to include it here, and confirmed it as the truth.  However, the truth must be told.
    To find out all the myths and the truth of Rolling Rock's "33", click on the "33".  I hope you enjoy this information as much as I enjoyed having Joe and Jim Tito tell it to me.

It has come to my attention that some of the information on this page is incorrect.  After Speaking to a relative of the " original owner " I will be making a major update very shortly to this page !!  Look for it.

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